Kathy tells Jim that her marriage to Kenny is over. Meanwhile, Henry sorts out a squabble between Sam, Norah and Amos.


Henry keeps quiet about seeing Joe and Kathy kissing. The following day, Jim Gimbel gives Kathy a ticking off for staying out late. She tells Jim that following her miscarriage she won't be returning to Kenny and blames him for forcing her to marry him. Norah complains to Henry that she's not selling any of Sam's beans in the shop. Sam later calls in with more beans and Norah tells him that the shop won't be having anymore as nobody's buying them. Sam's insulted and complains to Amos. Deciding to prove a point to Henry and Norah, Amos buys them from Sam and plans to sell them in The Woolpack. When Henry finds them later, he decides enough's enough and buys the beans off Amos to give to Liz for the Harvest supper. Jim's suspicious when he sees Kathy and James together and warns her not to be late again.


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