Zak unveils a token of his affection a hand-made hammack, which promptly falls apart. However, Lisa sees the love that went into it. The Sugdens settle into Annie's Cottage. Andy causes problems for the Sugdens as he has been fighting at school. Tom makes it clear he has finished with Kelly. A while later, Betty takes pity on a distraught looking Kelly and takes her back to her house. Kelly confides in Betty her broken heart, however they are interrupted by Tom. Meanwhile, Donna moves into The Woolpack with Viv, Terry and Alan, however it doesn't look like it is going to work out. While Chris has a tempting proposal for Kim to buy her stables and her share of the Golf Club, so she has extra cash to escape Frank. In return Chris has an independent business of his own and Kim and James out of the way. Seth gives food for thought to Kim regarding how to get back at Frank. Kim tries to make peace with Linda by saying she wants James to be a Glover, however Linda isn't interested and turns her away. Later however, Linda talks to Roy and Ned about James and thinks they should be doing more for David's son.


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