Linda ruins Biff's romantic plans for a day in bed and turns down his special breakfast. She is in no mood to celebrate as it is three weeks since David's death. Later they make up in The Woolpack however. Andy claims to have an Asthma attack to get a day off school. Jack wonders if they can cope with the extra hassles of another, somewhat troubled, boy. Chris reminds Linda that he has the door key to her and Biff's house. Kathy asks to buy Eric's share back in the Wine Bar. He says yes but she has to pay £5,000 extra costs - which she cannot afford to do. Zak is determined to stop Lisa from going home to her pigs and asks Butch to tinker with her van. However Butch gets it wrong and mucks up Zak's van instead and Lisa eventually goes home. Kelly's heartbreak seems to be over, as she ignores Tom. However it soon becomes apparent she is aching inside. After an emotional scene Tom says he loves her and agrees to them starting again. Alan's patience with having Donna staying at The Woolpack, is running out. Ned makes arrangements to meet with Kim. At their secret meeting she insists that James is David's son and she wants him to grow up knowing that he is a Glover even if James' last name is Tate. Sophie overhears Kim whispering to James how they are going to run far away together. Sophie promises not to say anything. While a visit to Steve's brings a nasty shock for Chris as he catches Rachel coming down the stairs. Chris announces he is suing her for adultery. Meanwhile, Chris is desperate to get his hands on money to pay off Kim.


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