It's the morning after Betty caught Kelly and Tom. Vic comes looking for his daughter - who it seems did not go home the night before. It seems Betty sent Kelly home shortly after catching her with Tom. Betty then threw Tom out as she wouldn't let him spend another night under her roof. Vic reacts violently to Betty's news of Tom kissing Kelly and is all ready to lynch the teacher. As news spreads through the village that Kelly is missing, a search party is organised as everyone looks for Kelly. Instead of finding Kelly, the searchers find Andy in the woods - who it transpires is skipping school. Andy is terrified by Jack's criticisms, however later they have a heart-to-heart and Andy agrees to give school a fresh go. After spending the night with Zak, Lisa has to rush home to see to her pigs. Zak later cons Marlon and Butch into helping Lisa around her farm, so she will have more time to be with him. Frank nearly catches Chris on the phone telling someone that he wants Kim to sign the contracts. Kim and Jan come to some understanding over James and Kim makes it clear she wants Jan to be part of his life. While later Frank shatters Kim's dreams for James by showing her results of the blood tests he has had done which prove Dave could not possibly be James' father.


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