Paddy Kirk arrrives to act as locum vet for Zoe. He overhears Linda and Biff talking about what Chris has put her through these past few months and later unwittingly tells Ned. Ned takes the law into his own hands. Armed with a shotgun Ned heads for Home Farm and takes Chris for a drive in the country, taking him to the quarry. Eventually other members of his family and Frank join him and persuade Ned not to kill Chris. While Chris only just escapes with his life. Eric and Dee take a romantic break - or more accurately a business trip to Whitby. While there, other antique dealers flirt with Dee, which incurs Eric's anger. He defends her honour and the business trip is a failure. The Dingles discover Barry's great dream. He isn't interested in getting back with Lisa, he just needs her pig muck to fuel his rocket. He has dreams of taking it into space. Butch and Marlon discover this after believing he was making alcohol and ended up drinking watered down pig muck.


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