Zoe is taking Frank a clean suit for his court appearance. Chris is sure that he will get bail. The Cairns are now boiling in their chalet as the heating has been fixed. Emma feels ill. Charlie is unhelpful to Becky. Jack and Sarah both feel sorry for Andy since he told Sarah that he was stealing the money because he was being bullied at school. Vic slyly tells Viv about Terry playing cards. Becky is being shown around the Dingles by Zak. He tries to charm her, but when they come to the vacant barn, Zak finds it locked. Barry is in there and tells him to go away. Zoe is tense at the court. Rachel and Steve arrive for the hearing. Whiting tells Zoe and Chris that he will be pressing for bail for Frank on the grounds of his ill health and the fact that all the police evidence is circumstantial. Becky watches as Zak tries to break into the barn. Lisa has brought her pigs over from her old farm. Zak tells her about Barry and as they discuss it, Ned appears. He and Becky recognise each other from years ago. Betty tells Kathy that some stock seems to have gone missing (tea, coffee etc). Kathy blames herself. Betty is nasty to Kelly, but Kathy offers her a job. Dee is looking in her suitcase. It is full of all the stock from the tearoom. She hides it when Eric comes into the room. Jan asks Linda to find out about James to see how he is and who is looking after him. Linda advises her not to get involved. Biff looks guilty when he sees Jan. He feels bad about gambling her housekeeping money. Frank is in court. he prosecution outlines the evidence and opposes bail. Biff asks Alan for a job and is surprised when he takes him on. He tells Alan that he has worked in a pub before. Viv tackles Terry about gambling when he claimed that he was in debt. Terry knows that Vic has told on him and so he tells Viv about Vic's date with Kathy. Viv looks put out. Frank is not given bail because the magistrate feels that Frank may interfere with prosecuting witnesses. Everyone looks shocked and Frank is furious as he is led out of the court to go on remand. Frank is handcuffed as he is put into a police van and driven away from the court. The press take photos and hound Zoe and Rachel. Rachel knocks Helen Ackroyd's notebook out of her hand. Zoe is distraught and is comforted by Chris. Becky and Ned have a cup of tea together. She is sad to hear about Dave. They talk over old times together. Apparently, Becky wanted to live on a commune. Ned finds it hard to believe that she has been an army wife. Jan is curious when she interrupts the two of them. Vic is pleased when Viv seems upset about his date with Kathy. The thugs turn up and unhitch Mandy's Munchbox. Unfortunately, Butch, Marlon and Mandy are still in there. Zak and Lisa watch over their pigs. Linda looks after Zoe. Jan turns up and starts talking about James. Linda is embarrassed. Vic is smartly dressed for his date with Kathy. She hasn't bothered dressing up. It is Biff's first night working in the Woolpack. The Glovers arrive to support him. He hasn't quite got the hang of things yet. Chris doesn't seem to be thinking about Frank. He is enjoying the chance to run the business on his own. Zoe despairs of him. The Dingles laugh about being hi-jacked by the thugs. Becky and Charlie come into the Woolpack. Becky introduces Charlie to Linda. She also asks Linda if Emma could come and look around the surgery as she loves animals. Alan has realised that Biff lied to him about working in a pub before. He offers to teach him. Kathy and Vic have enjoyed the film. Vic makes a fool of himself by trying to kiss her.


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