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The Cairns' chalet is cold as their gas has run out and Chris is preoccupied with other matters, so Roy allows Will into the Home Farm office, where he hacks into the computer and orders gas cylinders. Eric realises how desperate Dee has become, after Kathy and Betty catch her stealing tea-bags from the Tearooms. After reporting to Eric, he discovers she is sending them home and that her family are really poor. Zoe takes over at Home Farm on a jailed Frank's request. Roy spends the evening playing strip poker with Will, Charlie and Emma and keeps losing, leaving him stripped down to nothing but his boxers. At that moment, the Cairns' furious father Tony walks in on them. Tony confronts Chris and Zoe and Chris promptly fires Roy while ordering the Cairns out of the chalet. However, Zoe overrules him and assures Tony that the problem will be resolved in due course. Lisa and Barry are going to be sued for £250,000 for the blowing up of their rented farm. Revenge is sweet in the ongoing burger war when the Dingles close off the road leading to their rivals' pitch. Tom has arrived back from Wales to collect Kelly. Both are now staying in a hotel.


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