Sam has a funny turn in the garden, while Annie remains suspicious about Kathy and Joe.


Matt points out to Annie it's a year tomorrow since Christine arrived at the farm. He suggests a meeting is called to discuss the milk marketing plan. Amos makes it clear that he doesn't like James's methods of teaching the schoolchildren. Henry makes an appointment to see a former business colleague of his. He calls in at the shop and talks to Norah about letting the upstairs flat and ponders the idea further when she points out that the tenant would have full access to the shop day and night. Sam has a funny turn when tending to his garden. Annie takes him to the doctors and he's given pills. Amos is suspicious of Henry and Dougie Ackroyd's meeting. He's annoyed when he finds Henry is planning on renting out the flat above the shop. Joe bumps into Kathy outside the farmhouse and invites her in for a cup of tea. She goes upstairs to help James with his preparations for school lessons. Henry arrives back from seeing Dougie in a good mood. Annie remains suspicious of Joe and Kathy.


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