Tony is still determined to let the Tates know just how dissatisfied he is with the holiday village. Becky was hoping to go house hunting, but Tony has organised a protest. Sarah is sorting out the family washing and finds £10 in Andy's pocket. Jack thinks that he has been stealing and goes off to find him. Zoe is still worrying about the cufflink and also the pressure of running the business. Chris gloats, especially when Tony arrives in a minibus and tells Zoe that the holidaymakers are running a trip into the village to buy supplies and will be charging the Tates. Jack challenges Andy about the tenner. He tells Jack about selling the cufflink, but Jack doesn't believe him and is going to check the story with Zoe. Marlon is trying to form a plan to tackle the burger thugs, but Butch is difficult to deal with. They flirt with Dee in the tearooms and Eric steps in. Becky is setting up her kiln at the Glovers. She tells Jan that she and the family have lived in quite a few military bases with Tony's job, but doesn't give details of his job. Jan is telling Becky how quiet it is in Emmerdale when DI Cooke turns up to interview her about Kim's death. Zoe is showing Steve to the Home Farm office. Jack asks to speak to her about the cufflink. She denies all knowledge of it. DI Cooke upsets Jan by talking about Dave and the way he died. She makes Jan doubt Frank and she ends up telling the police about how Kim claimed that Frank had threatened to kill her. Zoe tells Steve that Kim's body has been released and she will have to organise a funeral. Steve advises Zoe that she has to trust him now to keep the company going. Chris is furious to hear that Steve is advising Zoe. Paddy and Linda get on well. He offers to take her and Biff out for a meal, but Linda declines as she is planning to make her own meal for Biff. Steve then reminds Biff that he is chauffeuring him tonight. Ackroyd turns up to see Terry. She calls his bluff on their date tonight and gives him details of a hotel where she will be waiting. Marlon is cheeky to the burger thugs. Marlon distracts the thugs so that Butch can smash up their van. Linda won't listen when Biff tries to tell her that he has got a job tonight. Tony complains to Alan about the state of the holiday village. Terry lies to Viv about what he is doing tonight. Chris and Zoe row. He is hurt because she has brought Steve in to help her. Zoe tells him to help Tate Holdings or leave and let her get on with saving the company and their future. Jack feels let down by Andy. When he tackles him, Andy can't believe that Zoe accuses him of lying. He tells Jack to ask Eric, but Jack won't listen. He and Sarah think that they might have made a mistake in taking Andy on. Linda has gone to a lot of trouble for Biff, but he spoils it by telling her about his job with Steve. she wants him to choose between her or the money. He chooses the job and she throws a plate at him. Zoe tells Chris about lying to Jack about the cufflink. Chris has no conscience and implies to Zoe that Frank is guilty and that she will get into trouble for lying and withholding evidence. He is not supportive. Steve and Biff arrive at the casino. Biff feels uncomfortable. Steve introduces him to a couple of girls - Nina and Carrie. Linda is moaning to her parents about Biff. Ned tells her to start thinking about how hard Biff is working. Marlon has got a black eye from the burger thugs. Mandy wants the war to stop. Steve gives Biff some stake money for the roulette table. He wins. Sophie and Charlie have a glass of wine together. Sophie moans about work, but then questions Charlie about her love life. She says that she has got a boyfriend in the army in Gibraltar. Vic is getting drunk in the wine bar which embarrasses Kelly. He goes over to join the girls. Biff has won £50 and is really chuffed. Steve asks him to make a fuss of Carrie and hints that he expects him to go home with her. Biff reminds Steve that he is a married man and is not into affairs. Vic chats Charlie and Sophie up, but they have just been using him to buy the drinks. He then offends Dee by offering to pay for her services. She walks out of the wine bar, but a drunken Vic does not give up. In front of Kelly, he asks Eric if he can hire Dee for the night. Eric thumps him. Terry arrives at room 22 in the hotel. Ackroyd is waiting for him.


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  • No episode was broadcast on Wednesday 19th March due to coverage of Champions League football, with Coronation Street airing in Emmerdale's place just beforehand at 6.50pm.
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