Eric warns a humiliated Vic about insulting Dee. Meanwhile, Dee is having second thoughts and thinks she should go back home, however Eric is excitedly making wedding preparations and asks Kathy if she will be a witness. Steve takes control at Home Farm and is busy straightening out their paper work. The finances are in a terrible state and he tells Chris he could recoup some of the losses, if they sold the livery business for twice what Chris payed Kim. Chris is not happy and tells Steve that he has had his wife and now is going after him. Kelly is busy working at the tea rooms to contribute to her and Tom's future. Chris is threatening to evict the Cairns family because of their constant moaning about their living conditions, so Chris enlists the help of the Dingles to do his dirty work. Biff has got a taste for gambling after his night out with Steve - which doesn't please Linda. Terry goes to visit Helen to tell her their new-found relationship is a casual one. While Terry's absence leads to disaster at the Woolpack when Donna, Andy and Robert get hold of some alcohol. Donna collapses drunk and is taken away in an ambulance after Alan finds them.


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