After firing his staff, Alan is left working alone in the Woolpack. Mandy ceases on the opportunity to ask for a job, but after much consideration and a couple of disasters, Alan lets her take over. Jack believes Andy's version of events regarding the cufflink and tells Zoe he is going to go the police. Terry has been offered lodgings with Seth and Betty, but currently is still living at the Woolpack. Terry and Viv meet at the Wine Bar to discuss their future together. Terry is quiet all evening, and Viv confronts him on whether he is seeing someone else. He finally admits to her that he has been seeing Helen. Viv tells Terry he is "spineless" and storms out of the Wine Bar. Tom arrives back from Aberystwyth, where he had got a job, and informs Kelly that he has been dismissed. It would appear that somebody from Emmerdale had written to the Headmaster telling him about Tom and Kelly's relationship. Kelly is hysterical and they spend the night in a hotel.


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