Kathy tells Jim that he can't control her, and Annie is unsettled when she arrives at Emmerdale Farm with a bag of clothes.


Jim drops by at Emmerdale Farm looking for Kathy. He's angry to find out Kathy is upstairs but Annie gets rid of him, refusing to be drawn into their feud. Norah suggests to Henry turning the upstairs rooms at the shop into tearooms. The following morning, Jim bumps into Kathy at the shop. He tells her she's wanted at home but she remains defiant, saying where she goes is none of his business. Jim later tries to find out from Henry if Kathy stayed the night at Emmerdale Farm, but Henry admits he knows nothing. Henry visits Annie and informs her of Jim's visit. He tells Annie that he's being called away on business for a couple of weeks, as his old firm in Bradford have hit a few problems. Annie worries that Joe spent the night with Kathy and visits him at Hawthorn Cottage. Joe informs Annie that James has approached him about living in The Mill. Annie's perturbed when Kathy lets herself in to the cottage with a bag of clothes.


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