Linda nags at Biff to talk to Steve about his job today; he resents her interference; Jack is worried about money & it doesn't help when Robert asks about getting a new playstation; he is not speaking to Andy now; Sarah is stuck in the middle of it all; Viv is talking about the Sugdens; she doesn't think that they are suitable for fostering; Vic is pleased to get a postcard from Kelly telling them that she is okay; he reads that the postmark says Stockport & decides to go & find her; the Cairns are preparing to go to the case conference to discuss Geri's future; Emma is nervous; Zoe is annoyed with Paddy for not letting her know about something; Alan is pleased to hear from Betty that the wine bar is in chaos; she rebukes Alan for letting Terry go; Mandy arrives early for her training; Linda teases Paddy about going out with Mandy Dingle; the smile is wiped off her face when he tells her that Biff was having a drink with Kathy in the wine bar last night; Linda thought that he was out with his friends; Eric's wine bar menu is down to baked potatoes now; Dee asks him if he has got a best man yet; he hasn't; Biff tells Kathy that he is definitely going to have the test for Huntingtons Disease; Rachel offers to wash the red wine out of Steve's shirt, but he refuses; she explains that she thought he was chatting Zoe up; Steve doesn't think that she has any claims on him; the case conference is underway; Tony immediately becomes aggressive with the social worker; he becomes silent though when she tells him that the baby could be placed on the at risk register; Paddy storms into The Woolpack; he asks Mandy out again; she is surprised to get a second date; Ned is advising Biff to take the Home Farm job when Linda comes storming into the pub; she wants to know what Biff was doing last night; Joan is trying to understand why Emma abandoned her baby; Tony has had enough of interference from social services & ends up throwing their notes around; Emma runs out of the room crying & the meeting is in chaos. Emma gazes at Geri through the window of the baby unit with Becky; Tony looks at them & asks to speak to Joan; Paddy & Mandy watch Linda & Biff arguing; Tony apologises for his behaviour & explains to Joan that he is so used to being in charge, he finds it hard to take advice & let anyone else be in control; he is also upset that Emma did not feel that she could talk to him about her pregnancy; Zoe is leaving most of the Home Farm business to Steve; he is short with Rachel when she phones to ask him some advice about one of her accounts; Eric pretends to Dee that he can easily get a best man; he is worried about the wine bar & the food; Dee offers to help; they kiss & Andy makes a saucy comment which embarrasses Robert; Vic is going off to Stockport to try & find Kelly; Donna is excited at the thought of her sister coming home; Sarah is trying to talk to a fed up Andy when Rachel calls round in a state; she explains to Sarah that she has just lost one of Steve's clients about #20,000; she missed the deadline on the share application & the price went up; the Cairns wait anxiously for news on Geri; Roy is on the receiving end of Linda's bad mood; she then turns on Biff when he comes home; he tries to explain why he talked to Kathy & they row; eventually Linda calms down when he tells her that he is going to take the job at Home Farm; Charlie & Will are waiting to hear about Emma; she arrives home with the baby; Betty wants to know who Paddy is going out with; he leaves her wondering; Sophie comes into the Woolpack & tells Paddy that Zoe is looking for him; he tells her that Butch Dingle has been looking for her; Betty is horrified to find that Mandy is Paddy's date; Mandy is waiting for Paddy in the wine bar; Steve apologises to Rachel for his behaviour; she cannot bring herself to tell him about her disaster in the office today; Dee is going to instruct Eric in Thai cooking; Paddy has called over to see Zoe while Mandy waits for him in the wine bar; he thinks that Zoe may be about to extend his contract, but she does the opposite by asking him to leave because she wants to throw herself back into her work.


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