Norah announces her decision to add a post office to the shop. Meanwhile, Joe rejects Kathy after believing she was with James.


Annie's short with Kathy following her arrival at Hawthorn Cottage. Henry informs Norah he's going away for a couple of weeks. She has ideas to expand the shop into a post office. Amos is unnerved when he takes a telephone message from Dougie Ackroyd mentioning a licence, worrying that Henry is losing interest in The Woolpack. James takes the school children up to The Mill for a lesson in social history. He asks Annie if he can show them around inside, she reluctantly gives him the key. Henry tells Amos that the licence Dougie was referring to was an import licence for raw materials. Amos is relieved. Annie begins to share her suspicions about Kathy and Joe with Matt, but is interrupted when Jim drops by the farm to apologise to Annie for his rude behaviour the previous night. Matt talks to Joe about Kathy. Joe tells him there's nothing more than a friendship between them. He's surprised when he returns home from work to discover Kathy hasn't left and has helped clean around the cottage. She tells Joe that she slept at The Mill during the night as she's left home due to falling out with her father. He's suspicious when he finds out James has also been spending time at The Mill. Later, Annie confronts Joe on what's going on between him and Kathy. He tells her nothing's going on. Henry is put out when Joe wants him to sort out the farm finances and Norah refuses the responsibility of taking the cash from the shop home with her. Kathy wants to stay the night at Hawthorn Cottage with James studying The Mill. Joe refuses and tells her to return home.


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