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Marlon, Zak and Albert search for Butch so that the retribution for the previous night's disaster can begin, although Albert argues that Zak is equally to blame for spiking the drinks. They find him sleeping in the bus and are outraged when he tells them the reason why he disappeared was to take Sophie home. Albert, Zak and Butch try to apologise to Kathy for the fiasco and hands her some flowers by way of an apology. However, when she reads on the card that the flowers were "in loving memory" she is even more unwilling to listen and when Albert suggests they run the bus trip for free that evening, she tells them to leave. Charlie receives a letter from Greg, her boyfriend. Charlie tells Emma that Greg had remembered her name but when Emma asks with interest if he had said anything else about her, Charlie questions why he would ask about her little sister. Will makes fun of Emma when he tells Tony and Becky that she had sex education that day, by remarking that at least she is ahead of the others in her year at one thing, a comment which disgusts Tony. At school, Emma is the victim of cruel taunts from a group of girls including Lyn and Kirsty Hutchinson, who continue to call her "easy," however, Will and his friend Dean arrive at the right time and Dean tells Lyn and the others to go. Later, though, Kirsty corners Emma as she eats her lunch in the cloakrooms and questions her as to the paternity of the baby. When Emma tells her it was none of her business, Kirsty suggests to a furious Emma that perhaps the baby is actually her sister and Tony is the baby's father. A fight breaks out between the two girls. Emma runs away crying and bumps into Dean who tries to comfort her, telling her the only reason why Lyn is having a go at her is because she is jealous that Emma has class and she is common. Steve is angry when Rachel turns up at work with Joseph again, as Victoria is still unwell. He tells her that it isn't a nursery but when she replies that Joseph won't get in the way of her doing the work, Steve replies that there isn't an awful lot for her to do as he has been working through the night, adding that he was surprised how little collating she had done. She tells him this was because he'd been too busy at Home Farm but he's disinterested in her excuses. When Steve comes downstairs to find Joseph had spilt his drink on some of his papers he told Rachel he is furious that she's turned his office into a creche and because of her costly mistake he had lost his best client and can't afford to keep her on before telling her to leave. Rachel is extremely distressed when Chris came to visit her at Mill Cottage and complains to him that she was sick of his promises regarding the maintenance he owed her. He is unsympathetic and says that she would get the money eventually, but in the meantime, she should ask Steve for the money seeing as how she was quick enough to jump into bed with him and ends their marriage before telling her nonchalantly that he has to go as he has a party to attend. As he leaves, she throws a glass at the wall and he snidely tells her that he hopes that she won't expect him to pay for it. Chris is concerned over Frank's health farm plans and it’s clear he thinks his father is making a big mistake, but Frank assures him that his spell in prison has given him enough time to think about what he is doing and how he’s going to do it. Over a drink in the Woolpack, Chris tells Steve about how his father is planning to finance the health farm. Steve is angry because Frank's financial plan involves selling off parts of the estate, which was the very thing he had been sacked for suggesting. Chris worries that his father had gone mad, something which he reiterates to Steve after Frank enters the Woolpack and invites everyone to a gathering at Home Farm to celebrate his freedom. Alan is pleased to have Frank back in circulation, but the Dingles are not so welcoming and again plead with Mandy for the ban to be lifted, citing the anomaly that if Frank, a suspected murderer, was allowed to drink there then why shouldn't they. Mandy angrily throws them out. Later in the day, they try to get Terry to invite them to his leaving do at the Woolpack as special guests, but he says that they would have to clear it with Mandy first, prompting Zak to declare that they would send Mandy to Coventry, a term which Butch had trouble understanding. When she brags that they would be missing out on a big party and leaves the house, Marlon suggests that they should mount a picket line, but Butch tells them they can count him out as he was going to the Tates’ party with Sophie. At the mention of the word party, the rest of the clan decide that they’ll join him. Biff apologises to Linda for his behaviour the previous evening and told her he knows how much having this baby means, adding that he wishes he could have told her sooner. Later, they are the only attendees at Ron’s funeral before his mother turns up, sparking a row between Sandra and Linda. After the service, Biff offers his mother a lift home but she's reflecting on how disappointing Ron's send-off had been. She angrily tells a disapproving Linda not to judge her and tells Biff that she prayed nightly that he wouldn't have the disease, but Biff and Linda walk away. Frank asks Kathy to do the catering for the party to celebrate his release and she reluctantly agrees. Besides the Dingles, there aren’t a lot of people at the party. Frank’s appalled when Albert tries to talk to him about renovations at the prison where they were both held and makes his excuses. He tries to talk to a hostile Kathy about his innocence, but his speech was met with deaf ears as Kathy replies that it had been a shame he hadn't had chance to make his speech in court, making it clear that in her opinion, although many people would have wanted to kill Kim, Frank was the only one who would actually do it. Frank replies that he would never kill Kim because he loved her before Rachel appears with Joseph. Frank’s pleased that Rachel had come but is mortified when she said she hadn't come for the party – she wishes to move in. A huge row ensues between Rachel and Chris, with Rachel complaining to Frank that if it had been left to Chris she would have been out on the streets. When Chris says he thinks that seemed appropriate she slaps him across the face. He reiterates that if she wanted money she should go to Steve as money was all she wanted any man for, prompting Frank to tell his guests it was time for them to leave. However, they aren't keen on doing so as Rachel reveals that she had lost her job because Steve’s become obsessed with Home Farm, just as Chris had, and now she is there to see what the attraction is. She tells them she would be staying until something is sorted out and asks an embarrassed Frank which room is hers. That evening in the Woolpack, it’s Terry's leaving party only Terry had earlier disappeared in a taxi and was drinking in a hotel where he questioned to the barmaid whether anyone would actually miss his presence. When Alan discovers Terry's belongings are gone, he wonders if he might be back and asks Mandy to stall the guests, who assemble in the bar. Steve asks everyone, more specifically Charlie, if they would like to go to a casino after Terry's party finishes, but Roy, slightly annoyed by Charlie's interest in Steve, pointedly asks if Rachel was with him. He’s dismayed when Steve announces his professional and personal relationships with Rachel are both over. Charlie tells Mandy, Steve and Roy about Greg and her dilemma as to whether or not she wants him back. Mandy tell her that if she didn't all eyes are on Steve who was the only eligible bachelor left in the village now Terry’s gone but Roy’s annoyed that he hasn't been included in this equation too. Alan clears up after everybody goes home, but when someone persists in their hammering on the door, he goes out to see who it is, only to find a drunken Terry sitting on the doorstep. Terry tells Alan that he is making a big mistake and asks him if he could stay.


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