Christmas preparations get under way, but Kathy decides to move back to Hotten to the unhappiness of Jim.


Henry returns from Bradford as Beckindale looks forward to Christmas. He finds out Norah has sent an application to extend the shop into a post office against his wishes and Amos complains that they won't have time to rent out rooms at The Woolpack in time for Christmas after redecorating them. Kathy pushes Henry for a decision over letting the flat above the shop; he refuses to let to anyone who isn't connected with the shop. She visits Joe and tells him that she thinks Henry knows about the night she and Joe spent together. She asks Joe again if she can stay at Hawthorn Cottage. He reluctantly agrees to let her stay one night. Jim searches the pub for Kathy. Joe comes back to Emmerdale Farm to spend Christmas in the spare bed in Sam's room. Jim pays a visit to the farm looking for Kathy but is told she's not there. He passes Hawthorn Cottage and notices an upstairs light on. Knowing Joe's at the farm, he confronts Kathy. Kathy tells Jim that Kenny has moved from Hotten after getting a job in Manchester. Their marriage is mutually over. Jim begs her to come home with him but she refuses. He hints that he knows that she's got her sights on somebody else and storms out. Kathy packs her things again and tells Joe she's decided to return to Hotten. She gives him a kiss. Sam helps out with the school Christmas carol service on the village green by playing his bells.


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  • Last appearance of Kathy Davis until 18th March 1975.
  • The end credits are superimposed over footage of the villagers gathered on the green for the carol service.
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