News of Frank's death continues to spread around the village and Jan is in a reflective mood commenting, much to Roy's disgust, that Frank had always been good to them and respected them. Biff’s concerned about what would happen to the estate, given that things nearly fell apart when Frank was in prison, while Linda feels sorry for James. Emma doesn’t want to go school and wants to stay with Geri, but Tony knows she wants to avoid the bullies. Emma suggests to Will that they bunk off but Will says that he can't as he has exams and it won't help as then she would have Lyn and their father on her back. Becky’s convinced that they would be able to pay for the repairs to Woodside Farm from their savings, but Tony’s worried that none of them are earning and suggests that he contacts some friends about some freelance work. Becky’s adamant, however, that she wouldn't even be happy about him working as a consultant because she wants him alive. At school, Will spots Lyn taunting Emma. Furious, he grabs Lyn and pulls her into the toilets. He violently threatens her into leaving Emma alone before pushing her to the floor. Mandy and Charlie go shopping together. Mandy is appalled at the price of everything. Charlie offers to get her a lipstick, but when Mandy questions how she’s going to pay for it, Charlie drops it in to Mandy's bag. On the way out of the store, a detective and several security guards stop them, but Charlie manages to get away. However, Mandy’s caught. Mandy refuses to give Charlie’s name to the detective, who knows that Charlie stole the item. Mandy gives her name, which makes the detective uncomfortable upon hearing ‘Dingle’ and lets Mandy go with a caution. After Mandy leaves, the detective explains a past experience with Nellie to a security guard. Mandy catches up with Charlie and assures that her name wasn’t given. Mandy reveals that she had stolen the lipstick from the table anyway. Later in the Woolpack, as they discuss the different attitudes of the two families, Mandy begins to think about things. Zak and Terry talk about fame and fortune and when Zak says he could make his fortune out of music, he agrees to write a song for free ale. Kathy still worries about the situation between Nick and Karen and Albert's comments in the pub about prison life doesn’t help. When Karen came to the tea rooms, a hostile Kathy asks her what she thought she was playing at raising Nick's hopes of being released. Karen accuses Kathy of not wanting Nick to walk free from court and tells her that both she and Nick felt it would be a good idea if she had regular contact with Alice. Kathy very grudgingly agrees when Karen backs her into a corner. Viv warns Donna to stay away from Andy. Later, she and Vic talk about Kelly and Viv concedes that they can't do anymore to make her come home, while Vic seems pleased that they’ve had more contact from her. Vic puts his foot in it with Kathy when she comes to buy a sympathy card by mentioning Kim and Dave's affair. Kathy leaves without taking the car, feeling that she doesn’t want to be a hypocrite. Andy makes a concerted effort to be good at school, but when Robert tells him the wrong answer to one of Miss Cullen's questions and he blurts it out proudly, she sends him to sit on his own. Still upset, he becomes more withdrawn as Miss Cullen explains the new computer to the class. When the time comes for Andy to have a turn, he’s angered by Donna's taunts and pushes the computer off the desk, sending it crashing to the floor. Betty’s surprised that Zoe is still working given the circumstances and tries to offer her sympathies. Zoe bursts into tears when Betty leaves and is comforted by Sophie. She tells her she doesn't know how she was going to get through it and admits that she feels guilty that she hadn't been there for him. Zoe begins to make arrangements for the funeral. Steve brings Zoe a bunch of flowers but when Chris arrives home, he makes it clear that Steve's presence is inappropriate. Over a cup of tea, she asks him how the tests went and dismisses his flippant replies by telling him that she’s asking because she cared. She tells him that she wished that she had been there more for Frank and Chris tries to comfort her. Outside a newsagents where a Hotten Courier placard reads 'Local Landowner Found Dead', a smiling Kim reads of Frank's death in the paper.


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  • No episode was broadcast on Wednesday 28th May due to coverage of Champions League football.
  • The ITV3 repeat of this episode on 9th September 2020 was edited for language, removing 3" from the middle of a scene at school in Part Two, where Lyn Hutchinson refers to Emma Cairns twice as a "slag".
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