The dinner party gets underway at Emmerdale Farm and the attendees try to keep Marian's return to the village secret from Henry. Also, Beattie reveals Annie is getting driving lessons.


Joe realises that half of the people they knew last year have moved on from the village. Henry discovers that Marian is now working for an Italian firm in Rome. He and Annie ponder at the coincidence of both her and Jack being in the same place. Henry plans to go and visit her on New Year's Eve and invites Annie so she can visit Jack. She isn't keen and remains secretive as to why. Marian leaves a message with Amos that she's planning to surprise Henry by visiting Beckindale on New Year's Eve. Joe tries to assure Annie that the reason Kathy and Kenny split up was nothing to do with him. Annie, Joe, Matt, Henry, Amos, Beattie, Ben, Sam and Sally gather for dinner at Emmerdale. Beattie lets slip that Annie is starting driving lessons on New Year's Day. Amos chokes on a piece of cake when he overhears Henry is planning a surprise visit to see Marian in Rome on New Year's Eve.


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