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Jack apologises to Rachel for behaving like a love-sick schoolboy but insists they discuss their relationship soon. Rachel is fighting her emotions for the sake of Jack's family and in particular Sarah. She tells him they must keep their distance. Jack continues to make his feelings obvious, finally making Ned suspicious when he keeps staring at her in the Woolpack. Kathy is shocked to find Eric has won a drinks extension for the wine bar without consulting her. Her rooms are upstairs and it will mean more disruption to her life. She tell him she's moving out. Mandy tests out new very hot food to compete with Eric, sending Alan and Terry racing for water after she sets their throats on fire. Albert encourages Marlon to work with the family, but Marlon goes job-hunting instead. He tries to blag for a high-paying job, but is sent to be a trainee chef for Eric. He's happy when Eric tries to let him go, but overworked Dee insists he stay. Lisa sees Zak trying to flirt with Becky, telling her she is more feminine than Lisa. Mandy tries to encourage her, but does say she needs a better wardrobe. Tara is recovering from a concussion and a fractured wrist after her falling from her horse. Kim, who was riding with her, visits her in hospital, and is forced to feign delight when Tara announces the wedding will go ahead regardless. Steve continues to woo Kim, in spite of Chris' best efforts to warn him off. Linda and Rachel play cupid when they take Zoe to a restaurant, knowing that Sophie will be there too. Zoe agrees she let Sophie down and they decide their relationship needs an injection of fun.


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