Wedding bells chime for Lord Alex and Tara while Kim is left in no doubt that her one-night stand with his Lordship was strictly that. Lord Alex takes Kim aside and says while he'll always think fondly of her, their affair is definitely finished. Kim rarely fails to get her own way and is left smarting still more when Tara thanks her for saving her life, and admits the wedding would not have been possible without her. For once it is Emmerdale's arch-schemer who has reaped her won reward but her longer-standing lover Steve casts her mind into even greater turmoil by asking her to marry him. A gang of bikers ride into the village and among them is Colin Batty once held hostage by the Dingles during Emmerdale's 'Hot Dog Wars'. Since then he's been mates with Zak and Albert and is stood chatting to them when out of the blue, one of the bikers lands a punch plum on his chin. It's the kind of blow bare knuckle fighter Zak can admire - but he's awe-struck when the person responsible reveals long blond hair under her crash helmet. Zoe pretends to be mad with Linda for interfering in her life, but it's all in good fun as Sophie joins them to announce they are together again.


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