Village gossip Betty witnessed the accident and can't believe Kim drove away without stopping. But Kim was oblivious to the accident and only finds out what's happened when she's told by her nanny Sophie. Before she can get to the hospital the police arrive. Meanwhile, as Steve regains consciousness there are some questions the police would like to ask him too. But he refuses to press charges against Kim and tells them he had been drinking. Then in a final show of love, he tells Kim she can have his share in Home Farm in return for marrying him. Jack convinces Rachel he's not just using her and really does love her. With Jack's wife Sarah out of the way in Spain, the couple inevitably spend the night together. Mandy is mad with Zak for ignoring Lisa and while Zak is slow to realise Lisa really fancies him, his brother Albert is making his own advances. Jo Steadman visits The Woolpack with a man on her mind. Terry can't hide his delight at seeing her - but she's not there to talk to him.


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