Henry receives permission to make the shop into a post office. Marian informs Henry that she's only back for a flying visit.


Amos is peeved when he decides to put on a special breakfast for Henry and Marian, but they've already woken up and left The Woolpack. Henry is granted permission to extend the Beckindale shop into a post office. Annie goes out driving in the car again with Tom Raistrick. She arranges Jim and Freda to visit in an attempt to patch up the frosty atmosphere between them. Jim blames James for breaking up Kathy's marriage and suspects him of carrying on with her. Annie tries to warn him he's barking up the wrong tree. Henry tries to persuade Marian to consider staying in Beckindale, but she assures him she's just back for a flying visit. She explains that she'll be away again in a few days as she has to attend meetings in London before returning to Rome.


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