Poor Zak appears to be a loser in love. His wife left him and just when it looked like he'd found another ideal mate - she's decided to marry his brother Albert instead. Zak barely resembles the proud prize-fighter he once was, as he knocks-out the letter 'S' from a special flower bed spelling out 'Lisa' - his true love's name. Butch is puzzled, but realises, with a little explanation, that the new version nearly says Liar. Dee is intrigued when the postman delivers a herbal remedy to her husband Eric. She seeks advice from village gossip Betty and decides to throw it away. Ned now knows about Jack and Rachel's affair and gives her a piece of his mind. Linda hands out invitations for her dad's 50th. She forgets a card for Rachel but innocently adds her name onto Jack and Sarah's invite.


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  • The unknown child actor portraying James Tate is uncredited.
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