The feud between the Dingle brothers heightens when Zak and Butch discover Albert on the wrong side of a partition fence they've erected. Lovelorn Zak forces Albert back to the other side. But when Albert offers to cancel his wedding Zak says he must not because it would break Lisa's heart. Rachel and Jack face the wrath of Ned, who's discovered their affair. Ned tries to talk sense into Jack but he's having none of it and when he tries to confront them together, Rachel storms off. Later Rachel reluctantly suggests they end the affair. Linda's come up with a great idea for her dad's 50th. She'll get together some of her mates and mimic the Spice Girls. At their first rehearsal though Zoe, Linda, Sophie and Kathy are let down by Kelly leaving the way open for Old Spice Betty to stand in. Alan's closeness to biker Jo is driving Terry crazy, so much so he seeks advice on women from Zak and Butch. Lord Alex is still trying to persuade Kim to be his mistress, but she's not playing. Instead she visits Steve and insists he asks her to marry her again. Will he be able to forgive and forget?


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