Sarah returns from Spain and ironically gives Rachel a friendship ring for looking after her husband. Jack has already told Ned that the affair is over and Rachel has decided she must quit her job at the farm. Later at Ned's birthday bash Rachel tells Jack she' confused about their relationship. Ned tells the pair of them unless they really have ended their affair he's telling Sarah. Albert is desperate to call off his wedding but Marlon refuses to help him. Meanwhile, Kim breaks the news of her impending nuptial to Chris, to test his reaction. The stage is set for Ned's bash but there's no place for Old Spice Betty as Kelly arrives to take her place. But there's a shock for all the girls when they bound on stage only for their music backing tape to fail. The Woolpackers come to the rescue and as they perform, Betty has a smile put back on her face when she's invited to join in the dance routine.


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