Albert is a desperate man. It's his wedding day and he seems like he'll do anything not to go through with the ceremony. He's even prepared to shop himself to the law as the man responsible for a series of local burglaries. Village gossip Betty tells Zak he's got to go to the church and stop the wedding otherwise he and Lisa may regret it for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, Butch is so upset at what's happening he's decided to leave home. The wedding ceremony rapidly descends into chaos as Barry interrupts the wedding, but he is dragged outside. Betty and Zak arrive immediately after Zak professes his love for Lisa. Reverend Ashley decides to bless the relationship outside, due to a funeral taking place at 4pm and also with a charge. Just as Ashley begins to conduct the blessing, the police arrive and Albert is forced to hide underneath Lisa's wedding dress. Elsewhere, Kelly promises Will she'll throw a party when her wage packet arrives with the extra £200. And bike girl Jo has some disturbing news for Vic after his failed attempts to chat her up.


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