Zak is triumphant as he serves breakfast in bed to his new bride Lisa and the incredible goings on at the wedding become just a distant memory as the happy couple start their honeymoon, with not a care in the world. Lord Alex and Kim spot a horse at the auctions they want to buy for their stud. The price is £80,000, but Lord Alex admits he's skint. Kim reluctantly pays for the thoroughbred from the Home Farm Business account and warns her new business partner he'll have to cough-up soon. Kelly blows her ill-gotten gains on a party, but wishes she hadn't bothered, when Will chats up a dishy looking stranger. The gatecrasher suggests she and Will slip outside to a secluded place she knows, where they can be alone. She takes him to a deserted barn, with Will the worse for wear with drink, But he's got more than a hangover to worry about when he wakes up the following morning.


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