Eric is more used to pulling stunts than having them done to him but Marlon's taken him hook, line and sinker with the pills he's been selling him. Eric thought they were pep pills to help his libido, but Marlon finally owns up, when he's confronted, that the pills were firstly vitamins and latterly laxatives. Chris rarely misses his cue when give the opportunity to challenge Kim's authority and after discovering the missing tax account money he wastes no time calling a directors meeting. Kim admits she's 'borrowed' the money, but Chris isn't letting her off that easily. He wants to call a board meeting to seek her resignation if she doesn't replace the money immediately. Rachel talks to Kathy about always failing for the wrong man and admits she's talking about Jack. Fiona finally starts to reveal her hand and seeks a meeting with Tony. But as the chase to find Will intensifies, will the Cairns get to their son in time?


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