Chris is having the time of his life and refuses to let his step mother Kim off the hook. She has taken money from Home Farm without permission, and Chris reminds her she's got exactly one day to repay it in full. Kim is rarely embarrassed by her business dealings, but her association with Lord Alex appears to have been a real mistake. The cheque he gave her to cover the outstanding money on the horse deal has bounced so she decides to remove her livestock from the stud farm. Lady Tara is furious with her new husband and reminds him she is the one with money. On this occasion, she says, she'll settle the outstanding money with Kim. Gossip Betty's tongue is set wagging when she arrives to clean The Woolpack and discovers doe-eyed Alan settling down to breakfast with Jo and they spare nothing to Betty's imagination by admitting they spent the night together. Roy and Seth spot Fiona struggling to close a gate and recognise her as the woman Will left the party with. Roy tells Will's father Tony who immediately sets off with him to where she was sighted. But when they arrive, the barn is deserted and for the Cairns', the agony of Will's disappearance continues.


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