Lesbian nanny Sophie is horrified when her lover Zoe reveals she wants to have a baby. Kathy is bowled over when suave businessman Doug apologies once again for frightening Alice and asks her out to dinner. Jo wants an answer from Alan about her invitation to join him in America. Marlon fancies himself as a chef and has created a perfect vegetable terrine which everyone at the wine bar agrees tastes wonderful. Rachel and Jack can't seem to end their affair but there's a close call when they are spotted by Chris coming out of Rachel's cottage. Becky eventually finds Will and despite being angry with him for disappearing is relieved he's safe. But Will shocks her still further when he admits he's in love with Fiona.


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  • No episode was broadcast on Wednesday 1st October 1997 due to coverage of Champions League football, instead an extra episode was broadcast on Friday 3rd October 1997.
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