These are heady days for Alan who's head-over-heels in love with Jo and he's decided he's going to sell The Woolpack and rev-up his humdrum life by joining her on a dream trip to America. Chris thinks he's got Kim where he wants her. She's been forced to hand over a cheque for £350,000 to stop him contacting the Fraud Squad about her illegal use of Home Farm tax money to stand up a deal for her stud farm interests. In return he provides her with a letter confirming his total confidence in her financial management of Home Farm affairs. But why is Kim so keen to get Chris to say out loud that this is blackmail money? And is she about to turn the tables on him as she so often has before. Chris gives Kelly a flee in her ear about the extra £200 on her last wage cheque and says if he finds out she's been getting pay-off's from Kim he'll fire her. Zoe decides she needs some time alone to think about her relationship with Sophie and books a last minute holiday to the Caribbean. Jan and Ned are having sleepless nights thanks to Linda and Biff's amorous antics.


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