Paddy is back and he wants to make things up with Mandy - but what will Colin think? A dishevelled Terry arrives back from his trip to Amsterdam to the bombshell that Alan is selling The Woolpack - and that for now, at least, Jo is moving in. Vic gets more than a frosty welcome from Viv when he arrives back from his secret trip to the Amsterdam Beer Festival. He went missing for days and had better be careful to dodge those flying ornaments! Eric appears to be in trouble after an environmental health officer visits the wine bar following a call forma local doctor. Ned, Roy and several other customers are showing symptoms of food poisoning and the best advice to Eric is that he close the place down voluntarily until the source is confirmed. Linda and Biff can't keep their hands off each other and stop off in a lover lane for a bit of hanky-panky. But just as their passions rise there's a knock on the car door from an unwelcome visitor. Chris tells Kelly he's overlooking the £200 but that she now owes him a favour and Rachel goes for a job as a school secretary.


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