Kim has finally got her man and Steve is in heaven. It the day of their engagement party and Steve has presented Kim with a beautiful diamond engagement ring. While Kim and Steve appear to have their lives mapped out, the same cannot be said of Mandy who is caught in a triangle of affection. On the one hand she loves Paddy, but on the other Colin is solid and dependable. Lisa, who's recently sealed her relationship with Mandy's Uncle Zak tells her from bitter experience to follow her heart and not her head. Terry is as fed up as he can be. He's returned from his ill-fated trip to Amsterdam to find that Alan is selling The Woolpack - effectively putting him out of a job and a home. And there's worse in store for him and his Amsterdam pal Vic when the police turn up and reveal more about their missing days abroad. Viv will not be happy. Kathy's fixed-up for Rachel to baby-sit while she goes on a date with the new man in her life, Doug, but is angry when Jack arrives and she realises the two lovebirds had planned a night together in her home! For those not invited to the engagement party there's an informal gathering at the wine bar where Mandy finally chooses her man, while Eric makes a timely escape from a gang of thugs. Back at the engagement party the penny finally drops as Kim realises why her titled business partner never has any money - he's hooked on cocaine. Kim catches him in the toilet and informs him she'll not stay in business with a drug user. She tells his wife Lady Tara that the secret is out and later, when Lord Alex makes overtures to her, she tells him to go and bother Linda instead - a casual remark she will come to regret. Meanwhile, Biff is getting more and more annoyed with star-struck Linda as she knocks back the bubbly at the glitzy party. Biff feels out of place and is livid when Linda starts to dance with Lord Alex. Linda is taken in by the errant peer and pours her troubles out to him as they walk outside the marquee. She naively believes he's interested in her troubles when all he cares about is getting his wicked way. And she makes the worst decision of her life when she accepts a lift home. It is a decision she would turn down - if she ever had the chance to make it again! Biff, who is desperately pursuing them, can hardly imagine what lies in store for him when he eventually find his lovely young wife.


Regular cast

Guest cast


  • This was an hour long episode to celebrate Emmerdale's 25th anniversary.
  • Also credited: Dave Holland (Stunt Co-ordinator)
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