Horrified Doug and Kathy come across grief-stricken Biff who has found Linda seriously injured following the crash. Doug calls for an ambulance as Kathy gives basic first aid. Linda is rushed straight to the resuscitation room at Hotten General but doctors can do little. Biff is shattered when doctors tell him Linda is dead. Alex arrives back at Home Farm where Kim is astonished to find him dazed and wiping blood from himself. He claims he had a row with Linda and she threw him out of the car. His furious wife accuses him of messing with farm girls. The tragic news is broken to Jan and Ned by Biff. Their grief is almost indescribable as they face up to the death of another of their children. Kim reels with shock when the police officer arrives to tell her of the crash and the death of Linda. Though for now she doesn't know for sure that Lord Alex was to blame, she realises it was her meddling that brought Linda and Lord Alex together.


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