There's a raging fury building inside Biff. His wife is dead and he isn't really sure what happened. But when flowers of condolence arrive from Kim. Ned manages to calm him but not before he's told Kim that Linda would still be alive but for her meddling. Later he is even more anguished when police officers ask if Linda was a drug user as the post-mortem revealed that she had taken cocaine. The realisation what he's done is starting to sink in but when Lord Alex seeks comfort from his wife she coldly rejects him. And Lady Tara, who's been bailing him out of trouble ever since they married, says that if he's implicated in the death the seemingly endless supply of cash from her father will end. Sophie is worried how Zoe, who was Linda's boss, will react to the news of the tragedy when she arrives back from her Caribbean holiday. Zak is disturbed by a letter from Ireland from his estranged wife Nellie. She says Sam has reacted badly to news of Zak's new love Lisa. Mandy tells her uncle he'll have to cross the water to explain things to Sam, immediately. And Kathy is surprised when Doug turns up unannounced. He should be in London with his wife. He's due to go abroad on business and invites Kathy and Alice to join him. Alan becomes more uneasy about his trip with Jo, while Terry begins to draw up a plan with Steve to buy The Woolpack. Dee decides to get rid of the pressure Jeff Longman is putting on Eric by calling the cops on his operation, much to Eric's discomfort.


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