The police are hot on the heels of errant peer Lord Alex Oakwell. They visit Oakwell Hall but his wife insists she hasn't seen him all night. They now believe Linda's unconscious body was moved from the passenger to the driver's seat to make it look like she'd been driving. When police reveal this to Kim and Steve, she's horrified and storms out intending to confront the Oakwell's. She later tells Lord Alex he's as good as murdered Linda. Kim's conscience for once is weighing heavy, but when she says she's going to ring the police Lady Tara reminds her that she's already told one lie to them. Then, coldly, and selfishly, with her inheritance clearly on her mind, Lady Tara tells Kim that she's ready to fight her if needs be. The Glovers and Biff are in complete shock, but news that Linda's body had been moved inside the car has Ned reaching for his shotgun before storming off to Oakwell Hall for a confrontation. Kim is still with Tara when Ned bursts with Biff at his side demanding to know where Alex is. Biff tells Kim he'll never rest until she has suffered like himself and the Glover family. Alan unsuccessfully attempts to get his doctor to find a medical reason for him not to leave with Jo, while Terry's attempts to get Steve to give him a loan to buy The Woolpack are equally unsuccessful. Bored as Billy leaves him alone for the day, Andy gets Robert to spend time with him. Jack and Sarah come along and wonder where Billy is, but Andy gets Robert to lie for him.


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