The events of the last few days become too much for Lady Tara Oakwell who breaks down when police arrive with a warrant for her husband's arrest. She is told that she'll face charges of aiding and abetting if she's hiding him. But Lady Tara says she intends to file for divorce and ads they should speak to her missing husband's business partner, Kim Tate, who might have more answers. Zoe arrives back from what should have been a restful holiday in Jamaica, to face up to the problems in her relationship with Sophie and the death of her employee and friend Linda. Biff swears he will make the Tates pay for Linda's death as he sits alone at the side of her coffin. Alan is having second thoughts about selling The Woolpack, leaving Emmerdale and joining his motorbike loving girlfriend Jo on a dream trip to America. Is he about to burst their bubble? Eric gets a violent visit from a local crook when Marlon inadvertently tips him off that Pollard is about to call the cops on his operation.


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