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Biff faces the worst day of his life as he prepares for Linda's funeral. Only days ago they were a fun loving young couple getting into trouble with the local police for their antics down a lovers-lane. Now all that's left for Biff are memories of the happier times they spend together. Biff is introduced to the funeral gathering by the vicar and in a faltering voice begins to tell everyone what a wonderful woman Linda was. Then he notices Kim sat at the back of the church and launches into a tirade against her - claiming that she helped end Linda's life. As the tears roll down Biff's face Steve ushers Kim outside. The funeral places temptation in the path of Jack and Rachel. Sarah and Jan think Rachel looks run down and insist Jack drives her home. They have agreed to end their affair - can they keep to it? Jo is heartbroken and wonders if Alan has been stringing her along. He's admitted he can't leave Emmerdale nor sell his pub, but he is desperate to make her realise he really does love her and doesn't want to lose her. And in a final selfless moment he tells Jo to go and live-out her dream but to remember he'll be waiting for her when she returns. Later with one last emotional glance at the Woolpack, Jo climbs onto her motorbike, pulls on her helmet and rides away.


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