Lovelorn landlord Alan still can't believe Jo left without one last goodbye - and he's doubly hurt when Terry says he'd have only been a millstone around her neck in America. Jack informs Rachel that Sarah thinks she could come back to the farm to work while Ned is on compassionate leave. Rachel is unsure and tells Jack it's hard enough trying to conceal her emotions. Lady Tara is checking her feed order when Ned appears. He wants revenge for Linda's death and is reluctant to believe that Lord Alex has simply vanished. Ned stubbornly refuses to leave even though Lady Tara threatens him with calling the police. And at the Dingles things are going bump in the night - literally! But when Mandy bounces a saucepan on the head of an apparent burglar she's taken aback when the intruder gasps 'where's dad?' It can mean only one thing - Sam's back!


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