Jack and Rachel are reading a dangerous path as their affair blossoms once again. They tried to keep their hands off one another and vowed to end it all. But one kiss was all it tool to rekindle the flames and now Jack is seeking ways to keep his wife Sarah out of the way so he can see his young love. And when Sarah suggest she calls the Glovers that evening to lend Jan a shoulder to cry on, Jack seizes the opportunity. He tells Sarah he's capable of putting the kids to bed without her and urges her to stay as late as possible - after all she and Jan will have a lot to talk about. As soon as he gets the chance he rings Rachel and tells her to rearrange her plans and come over to the farm. It all seems too good to be true until Sarah arrives home earlier than expected. Biff prepares to collect Linda's ashes form the crematorium. He's decided to scatter them on the 'proposing hill' which overlooks Emmerdale - and is where he and Linda spent time together when they first met. But before he goes, he receives a summons from the police asking him and Linda to come to the station and discuss the accident. Inspector Briggs comes out into the hallway and tells Biff that the letter specifically asked for both Biff and Linda to come in, not realising that Linda had in fact been killed in the accident. Biff, who came to the station with a bag, puts the bag on the desk and opens it, revealing the box containing Linda's ashes. Briggs is immediately told by PC Wallis of his mistake and apologises to Biff. Sam reveals that he's returned to Emmerdale on a secret mission to release Zak from Lisa's clutches - he still believes his mum and dad will get back together again. Butch is mad with his brother for wasting their dad's time, while Lisa tries to persuade Sam that she and Zak love one another.


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