It's the morning of bonfire night and while Jack has stayed with Rachel at Mill Cottage after Sarah discovered their affair - he's eager to beg his wife's forgiveness. She even more eager to see a solicitor! Robert asks what his dad was doing with Rachel. Sarah is evasive but later knows exactly what she wants to do with her so-called friend when she marches into the tea-rooms and in front of the customers, and gossip Betty, thanks her for sleeping with Jack, then slaps her face. Ned is keeping a lone vigil outside the gates of Oakwell Hall. He tells Lady Tara he's staying there until her husband returns. The errant peer's wife knows he'll have a long wait as Lord Alex is well out of the country by now. Undeterred Ned seeks his revenge and while bonfires roar and the night air is filled with the smell of burning timber he decides to have his own fireworks display.


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