Jack's life is in turmoil and he's forced to ask Alan to put him up while he tries to sort out his marriage. Kim entrusts her dealings to fiance Steve, as she jumps in a car on the first leg of a business journey to New Zealand. Ned talks about the Oakwell stud farm fire to Jan. She says she understands but warns Ned to be careful. Zoe and Sophie reach a crossroads in their relationship and have a huge argument - but can they stay together? And there's more worries for Emmerdale's vet when she tear a strip off her colleague Paddy for being behind schedule and using the office phone to call Mandy in Australia. Kathy is delighted to see Doug who's been away on holiday with his wife. He apologies for leaving her all alone but soon realises his absence has made her heart grow fonder. And Emma stuns her mum when she has a day off school to help move things to Woodside. Then she come across some of baby Geri's clothes which Emma suggests they throw away.

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