Kathy and Doug have spent a wonderful night together and the couple are set to spend the day together when their peace is shattered by his mobile phone. Doug says his son is suffering from appendicitis and he'll have to return to London immediately. Sophie and Zoe have patched up their differences and Sophie admits she's changed her mind about the prospect of having children. She says if that's what Zoe wants then she should go for it. Paddy and Viv are both without their partners - Mandy and Vic are in Australia with the rest of the Dingle clan. Viv asks Paddy if he fancies a drink and after an evening at the wine bar the two weave their way back to her house for a night-cap - but is that all she's after? Jack goes to the farm to try to get some money. But Sarah arrives while he's there and with a wry laugh informs him that he is too late and she puts all the money somewhere he can't touch it. Sam has been on the run ever since he broke a valuable plate in an antiques scam and now he's desperate to repent. But can he make a disbelieving bobby accept he's really a wanted man?


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