Sam faces his day of reckoning in court, supported by the Dingle clan fresh from their trip down under. Eric makes an impassioned plea for leniency on behalf of his former employee - then is forced to dig dep in his pocket when sentence is passed, much to his annoyance. Paddy makes a hash of sneaking out of the post office as Kelly spots him and jumps to the wrong conclusions. He'd better watch the rumour mongers as his sweetheart Mandy is back from Australia. Jack confides to Ned that if he'd know the trouble he was going to cause he'd never have got involved with Rachel. Emma is horrified to find her mum with baby Geri when she and Will come in from school. Her mum can't understand why Emma resents Geri and even offers to adopt the baby herself. And Sophie and Zoe are preparing to visit the fertility clinic in their first steps towards having a child.


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