Could this be the end for Sophie and Zoe whose relationship has reached a head over Zoe's desire to have a child? The couple had a terrible row and Zoe is after her ex-partner to hand over some clothes she left at the cottage. But it is too late as an harassed Steve informs her that Sophie has already left. It's the night of the Cairns' house warming party and Roy thinks he's on a promise with Kelly. But he's in for a big let down as Kelly appears only to have eyes for Biff. With Linda having only recently died, Roy is shocked when he discovers his girlfriend and his brother-in-law in a clinch. Zoe and Mandy reflect on the merits of failing in love and wonder if either of them will ever truly be happy and settled. Meanwhile, Sarah thinks let the villagers talk as she tries to put her crumbling marriage behind her by taking labourer Billy to the Cairns' house-warming party.

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