Roy has a furious row with Biff over his behaviour with Kelly. He can't forgive him, especially so close after Linda's death, despite the couple saying that they events of the previous night meant nothing. Jack's 50th birthday should be one to remember. But with his marriage on the rocks and the possibility of the farm being taken away, there seems little to celebrate. The only surprise he receives in the post are his divorce papers - and a visit from Sarah at an inappropriate moment. Lady Tara and Steve argue over the running of the stud farm. She says he has been neglecting the business and his staff are useless. He brands her a rich snob. Her ladyship threatens to show Steve exactly how much she does know about the horse trade. And against their better judgement Paddy and Zoe take Jan on as a temporary receptionist at the vets practice. Zak goes out for his day of busking at the shopping centre, but Barry turns up and decides to compete.


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