Sam is emotional after discovering Wally had died and is infuriated to discover Annie has been receiving letters from Jean. Meanwhile, Amos is concerned about Henry and wonders if he's in a financial crisis.


Sam tells Annie that Wally died last night. Joe confronts Jim about badmouthing James. He tells Jim he's been speaking to Kathy himself and she never wanted to marry Kenny but felt forced into it by him. He admits he was with Kathy the night of the seedcut, not James. Henry tells Norah the plans for the post office are on hold. Amos is thoughtful when Marian gives him statistics on how fattening beer is. She receives a call from her boss asking her to go to London tomorrow. Sam angrily confronts Annie, having worked out the letters she's been receiving are from Jean. Annie reminds him that their feud took place over forty years ago, but he forbids her from having anything to do with them. Annie tells Sam that Jean's poorly and needs help. Sam refuses to listen. Amos tries to motivate Henry into finally making use of their rooms at The Woolpack by advertising. Henry tries to put him off but Amos believes Henry's taking him for a fool. Henry angrily tells Amos to get brochures and adverts printed and then pay the bills himself. Amos storms off. Henry apologises to Marian for being so busy that he's hardly managed to spend any time with her. Norah discusses with Joe and Matt that Henry's put the post office plans on hold. Amos chips in about the disagreement he's just had with Henry over advertising and wonders if Henry's got a financial crisis.


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Annie Sugden: "Seems to me, the closer folk are together, family or neighbours, the worse they get on. Wish I knew why."

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