Jan can hardly believe her eyes when she take a cup of tea up to Biff's room. Downstairs Roy has been excitedly telling his parents how he's splashed out on a small diamond pendant as a birthday treat for Kelly. But his dreams are about to be shattered. It's unlikely the wayward Windsor girl will enjoy this particular birthday - and Biff can hardly remain welcome in the Glover household, especially as it is only months since Linda tragically died. When Jan is late for work at the vets, Zoe and Paddy decide they have to sack her. But neither has the heart when they hear of Jan's shock discovery. Lady Tara is first past the winning post at the races - and in her knowledge of horses. She gambled her £1,000 on a 25-1 outsider and it came in. Steve has hardly broken even. He's still nursing his bruised ego when a stranger gives him something else to think about. Zak is thwarted in his attempts to raise a few quid busking when Barry shops him to a council official. Tony discusses plans for an outdoors activities course with Alan. And wayward Jack has yet another row with Sarah when he asks for the valuable Royal Staffordshire figures his mother gave them as a wedding present.


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