Biff has only himself to blame for the mess he's in. It's only months since his wife died and now he's been caught in his marital bed with teenage temptress Kelly. To make matters worse the shock discovery was made by Linda's mum! Confused and feeling like an outcast Biff decides he needs time away to get his head together. Billy and Marlon hatch a plot to rip off Eric on an illegal booze run. Steve reveals the secrets of his family background to Lady Tara - secrets that even Kim doesn't know. Sarah accuses Jack of taking valuable family heirlooms and even threatens to call in the police. Jack denies all responsibility, although at the moment his wife is not to be reasoned with. Paddy and Lisa make up their differences with a kiss in front of The Woolpack regulars. And Jan has made one mistake too many for the liking of Paddy and Zoe.


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