Jan has made one mistake too many for the liking of Paddy and Zoe and gets the heave-ho - as if she hasn't had enough worries on her plate. First she sent the wrong samples to the MAFF lab from the vets surgery and now another mistake means she's got to go. Young Andy makes a shock discovery and realises his dad's been thieving again. Lady Tara invites Steve for dinner as a consolation for losing their bet. She hopes he's got the temporary nanny in place so he can't refuse. Marlon's carefully hatched plan to rip off Eric goes wrong and he and Sam end up bruised and battered. Doug is lectured by Kathy when he reveals he's organising a Christmas party for Alice and her friends. Zak and Barry go into town to their busking pitch and when Barry begins to sing about going off for a beer, Zak carries on making up a song and soon a crowd forms, pouring their money at the two buskers.


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